Norwegian fruit hampers delivered at the door

Our Norwegian fruit hampers are a start of freshness and flavor, filled with fruits straight from Norway's market. They're the perfect gift for your loved ones or your business assosiations.

Each hamper is a colorful mosaic of nature's finest, featuring a variety of pineapple, apples, pears, berries, and more. We let the natural sweetness and juiciness of these fruits shine.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion like burthday, get well soon, mothers day etc. or simply want to savor the goodness of fresh fruits, our hampers offer a taste of Norway's vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

With every bite, you'll feel like you're wandering through Norway's picturesque market. These hampers are more than just fruits; they're a reminder of your thoughts to your loved ones.

Sending a Norwegian fruit hamper is a gesture of care and thoughtfulness. It's a way to say 'stay healthy' or 'I'm here for you.' They brighten up birthdays, holidays, and any day you want to make special.

So, explore our selection of Norwegian fruit hampers today and share the taste of Norway with someone you care about. It's a gift that nourishes the body and warms the heart.

when you choose your hampers, then we select the fruits for you and pack it in a cellofan with your nots written on a card, the we deliver it at the door of your firends, family or your work cooworkers.


Delikatematgaver is an online store with delivery of Norwegian fruit hampers. With us you will find everything you need in edible gifts, Christmas gifts, summer gifts, Easter gifts and birthday gifts with delivery right to your door.

More people wondering where in the country we deliver? In short We at Delikate matgaver deliver fruit baskets as gifts and food gifts every day throughout the country. Our partners Bring and the courier company have the opportunity to deliver to all major cities in Norway.


Delight your business associates, friends or family with a great Norwegian fruit hampers. Fruit basket 4kg with milk chocolate roll as gifts can be the best gift either to give away to family and friends, with fresh and tempting fruit according to Seasonal fruit.