Chocolate baskets delivered

Chocolate gift baskets are a great way to send numerous chocolate gifts in one sweet chocolate basket! Deliver one to your favorite chocolate lovers!

sjokolade på døra

Chocolate Gift Baskets Delivered

Send the perfect gift to Norway for someone with chocolate gift baskets!

Chocolates and truffles and treats - oh, my! What if you simply can't select between the many, many sweet treats and scrumptious confections available for delivery from Simply Chocolate? Never fear - there are options to ensure that your every drool-worthy desire is met when you choose from our vast inventory of chocolate gift baskets.

Are you looking for the perfect assortment of goodies for one's birthday, your anniversary, or a friend who's suffered a loss? Maybe you want to celebrate upcoming holidays in high style by providing chocolate gifts for all of the coworkers. There's no better way to show your love, admiration, and thoughtfulness than by choosing the perfect chocolate gift basket for every lucky recipient on your list.

Sjokoladekurv med Kjeks som Gaver

Sjokoladekurv med Kjeks som Gaver 

MokkaBønner 110g
Maestro Kjeks 150g
Daim småbiter 145g
Melkesjokolade 200g
Melkesjokolade kjeks 184g
Permium 70% kako 10x24g
Premium petit sjokolade 158g
Belgiske Trøfler 250g
Toffifee 125g

When you have Simply Chocolate gift baskets delivered, you not only please the loved ones receiving them, but you add convenience to every shopping experience. 

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